Efforts To Penetrate Customer Loyalty Through Customer Relationship Management

Redi Nusantara ,Augusty Tae Ferdinand ,I Made Sukresna
Keywords: SMEs, CRM, Customer Loyalty ,


The increasing growth of SMEs in Magetan, especially in the field of convection, has resulted in every MSME competing in keeping customers from switching to other SMEs. Today's business competition is not only based on product quality, but on the quality of service that encourages customers to re-buy products or use services offered by a company. Service quality is important in dealing with customers who need high levels of excellence, for example customers in the premium class. One of the methods used by Prosperous Media Point is to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a stimulus to customer loyalty.

The purpose of this activity is to conduct training and mentoring in the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and increase customer loyalty. So that this study can be used as input for small and medium micro businesses, especially "Prosperous Media Points" in building relationships with customers. The method used in this study is a descriptive qualitative approach. The results of this study indicate that the application of influential CRM as an effort to increase customer loyalty with a series of strategic CRM processes, operational CRM, analytical CRM. Essentially, even upper, middle and even lower class customers need good and quality service, but the levels are different. When a company implements the right and good CRM it will automatically be able to increase customer satisfaction which has an impact on customer loyalty.