Publicity and the semiotics of the acting performance in the performance of the Baghdadi Circle of Love

Marthed Abdullah Judaain ,AS. P. D Musab lbrahim Muhammad


Advertising is a media communication method that presents the message via audio and visual advertising, employing the stimulus and the exciting, leading to persuasion, which plays on the psychological and emotional side and generates in turn the response by the consuming audience based on personalities, dialogue, and body action, which generates a group of direct and indirect signifiers that form the content dimension.In light of the above, the current research consisted of four chapters. The first chapter addressed the research challenge, which was illustrated in Figure 1. (what is publicity and what is its relationship to the semiotics of the representative performance in the performances of the Iraqi theater). The first (the idea of publicity) and the second (the semiotics of the actor's performance in the theater) are covered in this article. The third chapter contains the research sample, the research instrument, and the investigation and evaluation methodology for proffering the play (The Baghdadi Circle of Love), while the fourth chapter contains the results of the analysis, the most significant conclusions, recommendations, proposals, and a list of sources.