The Relationship between Attendance Policies and Final Grades among College Students at a Private University in Dubai “Eighty percent of success is showing up” Woody Allen

Walid Salameh ,Shatha Hawarna


The aim of this research paper was to investigate the correlation between attendance policies and students’ final grades, furthermore, it aims to investigate the need for a graded attendance policy and its effect on increasing class attendance. The method used to carry out the research was a mixed method approach in order to allow the researchers to capture both quantitative and qualitative aspects of this study to make it more efficient at offering solutions. This study proved that there is a strong relationship between both attendance and final grades. Since the analyzed attendance sheet showed the strong positive correlation between attendance and grades and the strong negative correlation between absence and grades, we might conclude that grades are strongly influenced by attendance. Hence, to avoid absences that lead to lower grades, a graded attendance policy can motivate students to attend classes and avoid absence.