Challenges In Implementing Online Assessment Strategies To Improve EFL Students' Proficiency “If We Wish To Discover The Truth About An Educational System, We Just Look Into Its Assessment Procedures.” (Rowntree, 1977, P. 1)

Walid Salameh , Shatha Hawarna
Keywords: qualitative, online assessment, online learning, Pandemic, portfolio management, platform. ,


Teachers must make use of a range of technological tools to evaluate students' learning skill. This is as a result of the pandemic condition, where online learning has taken preference over other learning activities. Consequently, teachers need to be more knowledgeable about how to use various communication tools, perform effective assessment methods, and conduct learning procedures. In this study, a qualitative research design was paired with descriptive analysis. We conducted interviews for this investigation. This study revealed that online teachers used three different online assessment strategies to raise their students' learning proficiency during the Covid-19 pandemic. These techniques include portfolio management, selfassessment, and online test administration. Teachers encountered a number of difficulties while attempting to conduct classroom assessments using online systems, including a slow internet connection, high internet quota costs, limited access to computers and smartphones, insufficient digital technology proficiency, and difficulty. The study infers that educators should become more proficient in communication technology and adhere to the administrative requirements of online assessment methodologies.