Understanding the reasons for motivation and personal branding via usage and gratification of twitter

Syahruddin Ag Ahmad
Keywords: Personal Branding, Social Media, Motivation, Twitter, Information ,


This research investigates several strategic reasons behind the motives of the usage of Twitter among University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) students and how did the motives could be linked to personal branding. This study also determined the association between frequency of students' usage of twitter for personal branding. Personal branding is a growing concept since the uprising of social media.  First, the research found out that the reasons behind Twitter usage among UMS students are predominantly motives of entertainment, convenience, passing time and medium appeal. The result also indicates that the students do not strongly used Twitter for information purposes such as information-sharing, self-expression and self-documentation. The findings revealed that UMS students does not necessarily use Twitter for satisfying a need for personal branding. However, on that note, students are aware that employers now are using social media as a recruitment tool, and they are aware of the consequences of their online behaviour towards their future career opportunities. This study determined a positive small correlation between frequency of use and students’ usage of Twitter for personal branding. The finding suggests that even though students often choose to engage to a various activity on Twitter but this does not imply that student will use the network for personal branding.