industrial development problems in Baghdad Governorate

Ammar Abdul Karim Khaitan ,Prof. Dr. Intisar Hassoun Reda
Keywords: development - industry - industrial development ,


In order to achieve significant and effective results through industrial development, the necessary means and mechanisms for this shall be secured, represented by real political will and sustainable institutional construction to accommodate the dimensions of industrial spatial development, legislation and regulations that would ensure integration and consistency between the dimensions of industrial development. Industry in Baghdad governorate is not without problems, including those related to Industrial establishments, the problem of energy and infrastructure, and problems that pertain to industrial development itself (economic, social, administrative, legislative, environmental) and these problems would impede industrial development; Here, it is necessary to work on effective handling to reduce them and advance the status of the industrial sector and its development. The research has reached conclusions, including that the unstable political situation, wars, conflicts and political divisions within the unstable government tendencies led to the accumulation of these problems, which reflected negatively on the industry and the prevalence of administrative corruption that It caused negative effects on the industrial sector through weak industrial investment, flight of funds outside the country, lack of job opportunities, continued unemployment, absence of industrial plans, emigration of scientific competencies and experienced people, as well as neglect of infrastructure and low quality in industrial production, especially in the public industrial sector, from the foregoing findings of the research. To important suggestions for the purpose of achieving the objectives of industrial development in the province of Baghdad.