Egyptian Hittite relations from Urḫi-Tešub rule to the peace treaty

Zainab Ali Jasem ,Asst. Prof.Dr. Areej Ahmed Hussein
Keywords: Hittite, Urḫi-Tešub, Peace Treaty, Battle of Kadesh. ,


Pharaoh Ramesses II coincided with the reign of the Hittite King Muwatalli II, and the relations between the parties were somewhat tense, so there was a battle between the parties, known As the ( battle of Kadesh), the parties eventually claimed victory, but most sources confirmed the victory of the Hittite forces over the Egyptian forces, and after several years there was an agreement between the parties for peace, friendship and Muwatalli support. (The Peace Agreement), between the Hittite King Hattušeli III and the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II, granted both parties assistance, and formed an offensive alliance that allowed them to attack a third kingdom, promising one of the most important treaties in history.