Measures to Improve Women’s Rights and Interests in Developing Countries in the Post-COVID-19 Era: Utilization of Educational ODA

Ji-Hyun Jang
Keywords: Corona and women’s rights, text mining analysis, educational ODA. ,


The disastrous effects of COVID-19 have been numerous, and among these has been an adverse effect on women’s rights. This study aimed to examine the various types of impacts COVID-19 has had on women’s rights, and to explore directions for solving the associated problems from the perspective of educational ODA. For this purpose, the text mining analysis method, one of the major such methods, was employed in order to analyse YouTube videos. The characteristics of the correlation between COVID-19 and women’s rights were all compressed into seven. The seven topics are: ‘Misinformation due to corona’; ‘Home and family support and the burden of household chores’; ‘Crisis of equality between men and women in agriculture’; ‘Impact of the women’s rights policy agenda; ‘Lockdown violence against girls’; ‘A platform for resolving women’s rights and interests’; and ‘The role of a leader in relation to home security’. It was found that, in order to solve these problems in developing countries, aid-sharing countries may valuably adopt educational ODA programs as policy tools