A Brief Review: Implementation Of Intellectual Property For Several Sectors In Indonesia

Akhyar ,Zulfadhli ,Taufik Fuadi Abidin ,Samadi ,Sri Walny Rahayu ,Andri Kurniawan
Keywords: intellectual property; protection; rule of law; creative economy. ,


This review focuses on reporting several recent publications on Intellectual Property (IP) in Indonesia. This review is a brief description of the progress on IP implementation in several sectors, particularly in Indonesia. These include, how to apply the field of electronic intellectual property, the application of intellectual property from a legal perspective, the recognition of intellectual property in cyber law, the protection of intellectual property law on creative economic products, the protection of intellectual property to enhance the economic development of free trade in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. Implementation of IP from Small and Medium Industry products, and food commodities so that they can compete in the ASEAN economic community, the paradigm of justice in communal IP, legal protection of traditional knowledge in Indonesia, utilization, and management of IP as a strategy for developing entrepreneurship, legal protection of traditional knowledge to gain profits economy, the effectiveness of copyright law arrangements in protecting traditional regional artworks, legal protection for people's intellectual property, and legal aspects of patents in Indonesia.