Heritage Trail as a Method to Maintain the Historical Area

Ari Widyati Purwantiasning ,Saeful Bahri
Keywords: Historic Area, Heritage Trail, Architecture, Cultural Heritage ,


This paper is part of the results of a literature study about heritage trails and their implementation of it as a method to maintain historical areas. The research aimed to examine a heritage trail and how it is applied in some precedent studies. As a reference, a guide on heritage trails is used to explore each trail presented for analysis. The study used qualitative methods with a descriptive narrative approach. This study describes the precedent studies and reviews them through an exploratory approach, direct observation, and architectural spatial experience. This paper is expected to provide a broader discourse for all people so that they can better understand that heritage trail activities are not only related to the fields of history or culture. Heritage trails also can intersect with the field of architecture, especially those related to architectural spatial experience.