Management of Character-Based Education Tatanen Dibalai Atikan in Improving the Quality Of Creative And Innovative Smpn Graduates

Dinda Amalia ,Iim Wasliman ,Hanafiah ,Deti Rostini
Keywords: Educational Management, TDBA-Based Character Education, Quality of Creative and Innovative Graduates ,


Character education is not new in the world of education, but the facts show that the results of character education are not in line with changes in student behavior. Through the implementation of developing good TDBA-based character values, it will produce graduates with noble character. The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze TDBA-based character education management in improving the quality of creative and innovative junior high school graduates using qualitative methods. The results of this study reveal that: (1). Planning in the development of TDBA-based character education management at SMPN 10 Purwakarta, SMPN 2 Pasawahan, and SMPN 3 Purwakarta made by the schools contained in long and medium term development plans. Strategic plan that contains vision and mission and goals; (2). The implementation of TDBA-based character development, refers to the curriculum to achieve the vision through the mission as well as programs and processes. This is the benchmark for success in character development in the three schools; (2). Evaluation of TDBA-based character education management in increasing creative and innovative graduation in three schools has been quite effective. evaluation was carried out on all components related to TDBA-based character education development activities, on planning evaluation, implementation process and evaluation of results on each component of TDBA-based character development rolling at SMPN 10 Purwakarta, SMPN 2 Pasawahan and SMPN 3 Purwakarta; (3). Obstacles faced in TDBA-based character education management in increasing creative and innovative graduates of students, come from many factors, both internal and external factors which are closely related to one another; (4). Efforts made to overcome obstacles to implementing TDBA-based character education management in increasing creative and innovative graduates in the three schools are seeking to provide facilities and infrastructure that support the implementation of character education, train/train teachers so they have better competence by means of include training, workshops and KKG so that they are able to internalize character values in students, schools improve themselves in forming even better character education management by opening up as many suggestions and criticisms as possible from all related parties; (5). There are several impacts resulting from the existence of character education carried out by the three schools, namely not only providing much better academic results, but also improving the skills and attitude of each student.