Developing Children's Characters In Robotic Extracurricular Activities

Lailil Qomariyah


Changing the character of children from shy to brave, from lazy to enthusiastic, from low self-esteem to self-confidence, from not having many friends to being a child who is easy to socialize with and has many friends in the scope of extracurricular activities is not something that easy. But it can be done by educators/trainers/instructors and parents who have good communication patterns with children so that changes occur. Educators and parents consider children as friends, where children ask questions, are often talked to, ways out to be shown various natural phenomena, tell stories of characters, listen to children tell stories about extracurricular activities they like, and give children the freedom to think and make their own decisions, as well as the motivation of educators, and parents' attitudes to make significant changes to the character of children and children's achievements skyrocketed beyond expectations. And it happens to children who actively participate in extracurricular activities for 3-4 years continuously.