Regulation Of Health Service Facilities In Emergency Patient Service In Indonesia

Aulia Taswin
Keywords: strengthening, regulation, health care facilities, emergency department. ,


The right to obtain health services is a constitutional right guaranteed by Article 28H paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution. Hospital health service facilities are health care facilities, one of which is providing emergency services. In an emergency condition, health service facilities, both government and private, are required to provide health services and assistance in saving patients' lives and preventing disability in advance and are prohibited from refusing patients and asking for advances that have been entered through the Emergency Installation. Emergency patients who enter through the Emergency Room are prohibited from being rejected by health care facilities for any reason, and they must still be provided with services according to emergency handling standards and be served for medical treatment even without a down payment or without health insurance from a general insurance card or Health Insurance membership card. National. The problems in this study are: 1. why do health workers refuse to serve emergency patients at health care facilities? 2. What is the current regulation of health care facilities in emergency patient care?

  1. How to strengthen the regulation of health care facilities in providing equitable emergency services? This research uses a normative and empirical juridical approach with analytical prescriptive nature by using primary data with primary, secondary and tertiary legal materials. The research uses literature and field studies to analyze qualitatively using legislation, case and comparative approaches. The results showed: 1. Health workers refused to serve emergency patients due to internal factors, namely health care facilities that were not complete with medical equipment, facilities and infrastructure, human resources and management in the Emergency Room, and external factors, namely the patient had no fees, and the patient does not have health insurance which causes people to judge human resources and management increasingly not in favor of the demands of the community's sense of justice. 2. There are still weaknesses in the arrangement of health care facilities in the care of emergency patients. 3. Strengthening the regulation of health care facilities in providing just emergency patient care is carried out through strengthening the legal substance, legal structure and legal culture as outlined in the law. Substance strengthening is carried out through regulating health care facilities in the care of emergency patients' inlaws inspired by Pancasila and the Preamble and the body of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. Structural strengthening is carried out through law enforcement involving the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, strengthening a cultural perspective is carried out through education and/or health counselling.