Comparison of Accountability of Gold Miner License Policies in Review Of Legal Perspective

Sarmadan Pohan ,Sutan Siregar ,Dedy Suhendra
Keywords: accountability, policy, gold miner, law ,


This study aims to describe the comparison of customary and legal gold mining regulations. In terms of custom and law, there are frequent regulatory disputes in the existence of gold miners in Indonesia. This becomes a problem in the power of law for gold miners according to the portion of their work level. Many legal procedures do not need to be perfected in legal management. This type of research is normative legal research using normative case studies in the form of legal behavior products. The main subject of the study is law which is conceptualized as a norm or rule that applies in society and becomes a reference for everyone's behavior. Data collection is carried out by content analysis by examining legal documents, norms or rules that exist in society. This study found that prior to the implementation of criminal law and civil law which were taken from the book of laws, customary criminal law had already been implemented and even its values were more highly respected by the community.