Empirical Evidences On Human Rights Violation Of Indigenous People Of Southern India: Major Findings And Suggestions

Dr. V. Prem Sam Ponniah, (PhD)
Keywords: Human rights, Indigenous People, Irula Tribes, South India ,


The problems relating to human rights of indigenous people are varied nature. The author had identified to study five areas of human rights which  are categorized as follows: Right to live as human beings with dignity and Equality; Right to Land and natural Resources; Right to work and fair wages; Right to Housing and basic amenities; Right to health Including eradiation of Huger and Malnutrition. The methodology of this study is based on both descriptive and analytical research. A pilot study was conducted with a sample size of 30 respondents to check and modify the formulated questionnaire. The author had collected data from 410 Sample of Primitive Tribes of semi-nomadic plain groups, particularly the Irulas from 36 hamlets/ villages, Kancheepuram Districts of Tamil Nadu (South India).