Prison Reform and Alternatives to Imprisonment: Socio-Legal Challenges across Nations

Ms. Sofia Khatun ,Dr. Sivananda Kumar K
Keywords: Prison, Reforms, Crime, Imprisonment, Convicted, Poverty, Challenges ,


“It is not the prisoners who need reformation, it is the prisons.”

---- Oscar Wilde

In relation to the prison reform and alternatives to imprisonment, it has been developed that the aim of investigation lies behind the social legal challenges that India has been facing because of the growing number of undertrial prisoners and also focusing on prison reforms in India. This research paper has been aimed by undertaking the secondary qualitative method, for which a number of journals and reports have been accessed. The detrimental effect of imprisonment is not only seen on the respective individuals but also their clans, community, and economic factors. In this respect, the upgradation of prison reforms has been upheld by looking at the current situations of the individual who is subject to imprisonment. Inferring from compiled data, it has been found that there are enumerate under trials who are spending over one year in prisons and have languished in prisons. Therefore, intervening in alternatives of imprisonment has become one of the significant needs of India in order to comply with the United Nations standards. The researcher envisages the socio-legal challenges faced by the under trial prisoners and also comprehend the conditions connected with the detainment.