Exploring Fazlur Rahman’s Interpretive Major Themes of the Qur'an

Sa’dullah Assa’idi
Keywords: interpretation, major theme, al-Qur’an ,


Even with regards to the content, the revelation given to Fazlur Rahman is an unanswerable question. This study was made of his interpretive thoughts in the book "Themes of the Qur'an." This research aims to describe the essence of Fazl Rahman's interpretation of the al-Qan and how it applies to Major Themes of the Qur'an. This research used a qualitative approach. To start a new theory, researcher go through three steps: first, through the capacity to understand is brought on by making hypotheses; second, a growth of logical understanding results from accepted theories follows; and lastly, the theories that follow must all three empirically test the ability to reason, before expanding on their principles. To conclude the research explains that the universe serves as a means to help for humans to make their way. The concept of empirical and intellectual abilities is reflected in the translation of al-Qan, which is used to analyze the message the premises of the truths presented in the Qur'an follow a process which may be described as the “expanding their potential, so to speak," in other words, finding new meaning while reinvesting the previous concepts with the intended ones.