Legal regulation of annexation and the problems it raises Comparative study

Hind Talib Yousif ,Aassistant professor Dr. Maher Ibrahim Qinbr
Keywords: annexation, legal basis for annexation, legal problems of annexation ,


As a result of economic development, international commercial transactions are becoming more complex nowadays, and then the occurrence of many complex disputes  in certain commercial areas such as international sales of goods and international construction projects, where disputes usually involve many interrelated parties, the arbitration agreement may extend by including in the contract a clause or arbitration party, to more than one party who did not sign the arbitration agreement, and to a series of contracts belonging to the original contract, and then the resolution of these Multilateral and multi-contract disputes are efficiently done by consolidating or combining arbitration, which is desirable, especially since this procedure has many advantages, the most important of which is achieving the greatest degree of relative justice, as well as the arbitrator's knowledge of all aspects of the dispute extending to a number of overlapping contracts, all of which aim to achieve one economic interest.