The American-Chinese Competitiveness Towards The Middle East (Iraq As A Model(



  • Assist.Prof.Dr.Ibrahim Harbi Ibrahim


American-Chinese competition/Middle East


The aim of the research is to analyze the competition between the United States and China by reviewing the elements that drew the course of those relations, monitoring cases of compatibility and dissonance between them in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, and setting future indicators for these relations imposed by the nature of the international system, the international environment and the existing economic relations between them, and the research concluded Until the United States is still the dominant position in the international system, and it is clear that China is still far from the possibility of bringing about a change in the nature of this existing order; Given the American military supremacy, its wide spread, its political, diplomatic and cultural influence, and its highly influential role on international organizations, not to mention the presence of a large number of allies still revolving around it and defending the values that it adopts. But this does not mean that China is a power to be reckoned with; China has become a formidable economic power that has outstripped many superpowers, and has an ambitious plan for international domination through economic supremacy. The countries of the Middle East still look at these considerations carefully, and therefore they realize the importance of relations with the United States, and move their foreign policies from the perspective of an assessment of the extent of the damage that can be caused to this relationship. The United States is a strategic partner and continues to provide an indispensable security support umbrella.