Procedural Organization of Non-Jordanian Ownership of the Real Estate in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan



  • Idrees Sami Qublan Alrahamneh
  • Dr.Fadi Tawfiq Almuhareb


Procedural Organization, Ownership, Real Estate, Administrative Judiciary.


This study dealt with the procedural organization of non-Jordanian ownership of real estate in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This is due to the importance of this issue for the economic and social development in the Kingdom. The policy of self-sufficiency or isolation from the world by some States is currently not possible, no matter how rich or poor the state is, strong or weak, advanced or developing, it cannot meet all its needs from within. Therefore, it is necessary to use foreign capital to assist and contribute to the process of economic and social development that takes place within the state region. This issue has been addressed by highlighting the legal controls of non-Jordanian ownership of the real estate in the Kingdom, whether natural or moral. In addition to that, a statement of procedures for real estate and the law must be applied, and indicate the limitations on non-Jordanian property ownership rights. This study concluded with a basic result that is the decision of the competent authority to refuse to grant non -Jordanian permission to ownership of the property is not subject to appeal or censorship from any party. If its decision is granted non -Jordanian ownership permission, then its decision is subject to appeal or censorship. This study recommended the necessity of amending the text of Article (137) of the Real Estate Property Law to ensure that the decisions of the competent authority to deny non-Jordanian permission to ownership of the real estate in the Kingdom are subject to the higher administrative authorities and to appeal before the administrative judiciary.