Legal Protection Of Workers' Human RightsThrough Ratification Of The Ilo Convention





Workers' Rights – Conventions – Enforcement


The ratification of the ILO convention on the basic rights of workers has made a
commitment to the Government of Indonesia to consistently implement workers' human
rights. The commitment is basically a guarantee of protection for workers to be free from
forced labor, guarantees of the right to associate, guarantees against the elimination of
discrimination. Human rights and democratization are issues that have received sharp
attention from the international community, because they have penetrated into various
aspects of social, national and state life. This issue is a complement to globalization and
market liberalization which is directly related to the employment aspect. As for this type of
research is normative, the research specifications used in this paper are descriptive
analytical, with a normative juridical approach, which is a method carried out by examining
library materials or secondary data, and the results of this study explain that, the
development of labor law politics It is impossible to be separated from this world trend and
on the other hand, in the reform era in Indonesia, there has also been a very basic paradigm
shift that has a direct impact on the world of employment. The combination of international
influence and national political developments has brought about a very significant paradigm
shift in the field of employment in the protection of workers' rights.