Britain's position on the Iraqi-Iranian problems for the period (1920-1936 AD)



  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Resen Damman


Iraq's contemporary history, the problem of its Iraqi-Iranian borders, the problem of the Shatt al-Arab, the Iraqi-British relations, the Iranian-Iraqi relations.


The study examines Britain's position on the Iraqi-Persian disputes after the establishment of the Kingdom of Iraq in 1920 AD, and it examines the most important stages that the border problem went through since the establishment of the Kingdom and Persia's attempt to exploit the political situation and expand at the expense of Iraq, through negotiations between the two parties at the initiative of Iraq to reach a solution and discuss the problem in the League Nations and the failure to reach a solution due to the refusal of the Iraqi side to concede Iraqi lands due to the presence of a text in the Iraqi constitution and the opposition of public opinion, leading to the year 1936 AD, which witnessed a change in the political administration in Iraq and a change in the point of view towards the problem of the Iraqi-Iranian border.