The role of women in social development a field study in Dhi Qar governorate



  • M.Sc Ahmed Hasan Ghali Matar


Social Development, Women Role, and Study.


After we have studied social development, and what is the role of women in it, we find it necessary to draw up a summary of the most important ideas addressed in the research, not to give a clear and integrated picture of the role of women in social development. In all areas of life, where women played a prominent role in the development and progress of society, through the roles that they played, so they participated in political, economic, social and cultural work.etc. Women have factors that helped their participation in taking their roles in society, such as the factors of legislation, meaning that there is a factor that legitimizes a woman’s work for an economic need or for other needs that fall within the moral motive. As well as education and training, there is no doubt that education contributes greatly to changing the situation of women and guarantees them a better future. This contribution depends on the extent of their participation in economic and social activities, as well as freedom from discrimination and poverty, and the media and culture have an impact on educating women to take their role in society. The concept of social development means development and growth in society, and that this growth creates an active mobile society that can keep pace with the wheel of development and progress recommended by developed countries, so it generally works on using human energies in order to raise the standard of living and meet the needs of the individual. Therefore, it is linked to all aspects of society without leaving one of them. If there is a change or development in one aspect of society, it is possible that this change will permeate all aspects of society. Social development is represented by economic capacity, and these capabilities are subjective to the individual himself, in order to achieve his desires and satisfy his needs.