Exoticism In Contemporary Industrial Product Design Assistant Lecturer: Mustafa Yassin Jalee



  • Al.Farabi universility college
  • Dr.Gasim Khzaal Baheel


exoticism, exotic product, contemporary industrial product.


This research deals with the clarification of the concept of exoticism and its role in
human products, and the clarification of the eloquence of exotic ambiguity. The cognitive
propositions of exoticism and its effective use in industrial products are characterized by
exoticism in the structural structure of the product (illusionary movement), down to
exoticism between surprise and humor, complexity and abstraction, and ending with
unfamiliar aesthetics and contrary to reality (Grotesque). Finally, a number of conclusions
were reached, which were represented in being an objective analysis of how the theoretical
concepts of exoticism, its styles, methods, and its intellectual, psychological, and existential
relations, are transformed into applicable forms and foundations in contemporary industrial
product design.