Muhammad Al-Hajj Hammoud's lineage and origin



  • Iraq Salem Hamid
  • Prof. Mahmoud a.m. al_qaysi (ph.d)


This research addresses some important issues related to Iraq's modern and
contemporary history and the role of the original Iraqi clans, including the Al-Humaydat clan
and its history, represented by addressing an important Iraqi figure who was of great stature
and had a prominent role in some events. Mention was also made of Sheikh Hajj Hamoud
Sheikh's relationship and history from birth until his death, through the most important facts
of his life and changing attitudes from time to time, as he was so close to the British thus,
it was said that he was collaborating with them at times and at other times a mover of the
revolutionaries, as well as important information about his unique diplomatic personality and
how he dealt with the British. After his death, the clan was led by his eldest son, Hadib AlHaj Hammoud, who held important positions until he reached the position of minister in
some ministries and was influenced by political life and its development as a result of the
events. Also, reference was made to Hajib Hamoud's relationship with his brother,
Mohammed Hajj Hamoud, and the patriarchal relationship after he took care of his
upbringing after the death of their father, Hajj Hammoud.