Multi-Ethnic Harmony in Diversity Country with Functionalism Theory in Malaysia


  • Wan Abdul Malek Wan Abdullah
  • Nasrul Hakim Roslan
  • Saidatul Akmar Ismail
  • Mazlifah Mansoor
  • N. Elyssa


Ethnic fusion, ethnic relation, functionalism theory, multi-ethnic society.


Malaysia is an example of multi-ethnic nation with the major races consisting of the Malay, Chinese, and Indian ethnic groups. As a multi-ethnic society, we live together peacefully in general.  Due to the lack of research literature on the factors that contribute significantly to Malaysia’s multi-ethnic harmony, the scarcity prompts the researchers to measure the phenomenon within the context of the study. The researchers attempt to evaluate the racial harmony factors from the theoretical lens of functionalism through a quantitative like-scale survey distributed among the Malaysian public using the social media platform. 180 respondents collaborated and were analyzed for the correlation. The factors of Society, the Law, and Behaviour stood at .420, .912, and .366 respectively. This study is significant for the federal government and local authorities to devise activities that contribute towards maintaining harmony and strengthening unity among Malaysians at present and for the future social order.