Implementation of Licensing Services in the Perspective of State Administrative Law in Indonesia


  • Fatma Ulfatun Najicha
  • I Gusti Ayu ketut Rachmi Handayani
  • Lego Karjoko
  • Chendi Seta Kartika


Problem, Service, Indonesia, Permission, Management


Quality services are services provided to customers in accordance with the services standard, but public services, especially in the licensing sector, are often found to be disappointing in Indonesia, even though licensing has been regulated by State Administrative Law, there are still many problems in the administration of these permits. From the problem of the licensing system which is complicated and long - winded to the problems that comes from licensing employees itself, namely the practice of illegal levies (extortion) which is often carried out by the licensing services employees themselves, thus harming the people who need the permits. Licensing service procedures such as one - stop integrated services makes people who are lazy to take a queue and finally choose to bribe the employees so that it gives the employees an opportunity to practice extortion. For this reason, attention is needed from the government to improve the licensing system so that licensing is easier, and the role of law enforcement officers is needed to take firm action against licensing services employees who practice extortion so that the implementation of licensing services can run well and create a sense of justice for the society in order to achieve prosperity