The Model of Regulation Marijuana Medical Based on Pancasila Justice


  • Eva Yuliana
  • Hartiwiningsih
  • I Gusti Ayu ketut Rachmi Handayani


Marijuana; Medical; Pancasila Justice.


Indonesia stipulates provisions regarding the prohibition of marijuana because it is included in class one narcotics, but data shows that marijuana can treat 36 diseases. This study aims to analyze the medical cannabis regulatory model based on Pancasila justice. This research is normative legal research with secondary data from primary, secondary, and tertiary legal materials. The study results show that the legal provisions do not specifically regulate the use of marijuana for medical purposes but are only limited to general regulations regarding the use of narcotics. Second, research on the benefits of marijuana has been widely researched and published along with the support of the WHO and the United Nations, which view marijuana as having medical help. Still, even so, the government remains in its position and does not want to follow up on it. Third, legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes can be done by revising the narcotics law and removing marijuana from narcotics goal I.