Digital drugs and their effects on the young people of Iraq. A field study of the city of Baghdad



  • Shahrazad Shaker Raouf


digital drugs, youth


The global interest in studying and tracking the phenomenon of digital drugs has
increased recently as one of the secretions of technical use, the technological revolution,
and the latest types of drugs used, as consumption is no longer limited to traditional
means (injection, smell, chewing, smoking), but the methods of using them have evolved
to turn into electronic and digital, the issue is more dangerous than we imagine, especially
if it comes to a kind of drugs that the world did not know a counterpart to in the past, Which
threatens the very foundations of society, which is the youth category through internet sites,
and the numbers are terrifying in this direction, as one study indicates that there are nearly
200 million addicts to these drugs in the absence of a real and serious scientific study of the
phenomenon, and with mockery and skepticism and fleeing forward by other parties to shirk
their responsibilities in light of the plague-like creep of this deadly drug in a wide open world.