Tigris River water Qualitative characteristics between Salah al-Din and Baghdad governorates



  • Hiba Talib Ali
  • Prof.Dr. Youssef Mohamed Ali Al-Hathal


surface resources, qualitative characteristics, water drainage


This research dealt with the study of the natural and human characteristics of the
Tigris River in the study area in terms of surface resources, including the Tigris River and
the Adhaim river , and its impact on the qualitative characteristics (physical, chemical and
biological ) of surface water as measured by the quality and suitability of various uses. The
qualitative characteristics of surface water resources in the study area are affected by
several factors, including the nature of the rocks themselves and the soil of the area in which
the rivers run, as well as the seasonality of the discharge of water, especially the Adhaim
river , as well as the nature of human activity (agricultural, civil, industrial ) and the waste
it poses that affect the characteristics of rivers water.