Features and prospects of the constitutional control body activity on constitutionalism formation in the Republic of Kazakhstan


  • Mukhtar Baktybekov
  • Assel Sakabaykyzy
  • Maigul Matayeva
  • Eldana Maishekina
  • Aidos Zhumadilov
  • Aliya Koshkinbayeva
  • Bolatbek Tleulov


constitutionalism, constitutional values and principles, the rule of law, institute of constitutional control, Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative resolutions of the Constitutional Council, legal positions


Constitutional development and ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution will be one of the main issues today. At the same time, a special place is occupied by the activities of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result of subsequent constitutional reforms, he will have advantages in forming constitutionalism within his powers and will continue to theoretically and practically ensure the protection of the Constitution. Analysis, interpretation, verification of constitutional norms, separation of powers between authorities, and constitutional conclusions on important Council events will shape the constitutional process, law enforcement practice and orientation in the country, form legal institutions and development mechanisms of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a democratic, legal state and legislative framework. The research will reveal the function and significance of the constitutional control body based on the principles and values of constitutionalism, which is our goal. In particular, the experience and importance of the Constitutional Council in the formation of constitutional legislation in the country based on universal constitutional values and Kazakh values are described.