The Cultural Tourism of Bakar Tongkang as National Tourism Event in Indonesia: Strategy and Economic Impact


  • Yanti Mayasari Ginting
  • Helly Aroza Siregar
  • Silvia Sari Sitompul


cultural tourism, Bakar Tongkang, strategy, economic impact.


The aim of this qualitative research is to analysis the strategies of the ecosystem of tourism to emerge Bakar Tongkang event, as national cultural tourism in Indonesia and elaborate the impact to the local economic. The results show that the strategy to raise the Bakar Tongkang event as cultural tourism nationally to the authorities (Central Government), by the local government, in order to promote this festival nationally and internationally. Secondly, the local government had made local regulations to make Bakar Tongkang festival as a regional tourism asset that must be preserved. Furthermore, empower local products and workers to involve and hired to perform the event. In addition, the openness attitude, not only from the Chinese ethnic as the event organizer, but also from the local people from other tribe, to innovate and adjust, become an important action so that it can be accepted by all parties. While, the economic impact of the Bakar Tongkang event is, give the contribution to the Gross Regional Domestic Revenue of the Rokan Hilir area, empowers MSMEs, empowers local communities and people surrounding, and contributes significantly to the original local revenue.