HR Quality in Talent Management Relationship and Employee Performance in State Owned Enterprises


  • Sitti Mujahida Baharuddin
  • Jumiaty Nurung
  • Fadhillah Fitri Ilahi S.
  • Hasmin Tamsah
  • Sri Rahmi


State-owned enterprises must manage their human resources well to develop following changes in intense competition. Antam (Persero) Tbk UBPN Southeast Sulawesi can improve employee performance by using human resource (HR) quality as an intervening variable. This study aims to determine talent management in a limited liability company (PT). It conducted the research quantitatively by collecting data through online questionnaires filled out by 200 respondents—data analysis using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Amos 23 and SPSS 22. The results show that talent management positively and significantly influences employee performance. Likewise, it was found that there was a positive and significant influence of talent management on HR quality and employee performance. However, it also found that HR quality could not correctly mediate the effect of talent management on employee performance. This study strengthens human capital theory and adds empirical evidence of the relationship between talent management and the quality of human resources.