Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Case of Conventional and Online-Based Transportation in Indonesia


  • Wagianto
  • Irma Rachmawati Maruf
  • Tamaulina Br Sembiring
  • Ari Purwadi


Dispute, ADR, online-based transportation, Indonesia, legal sociology


Online-based transportation is one of innovational features to support human life. It invades throughout the world, including Indonesia. Therefore, this development requires a serious concern to regulate its operation. As Indonesian Government assigned transportation law, online-based transportation also required law affirmation. However, the law and regulation sometimes emerges disputes that affects human life. This study aimed to examine alternative dispute resolution by local governments in Indonesia regarding online and conventional transportation in sociological perspective. The research used an empirical approach and elaborated by descriptive analysis. The results showed that disputes regarding online and conventional transportation fairly resolved and resulted some implied-effects, such as; it proved effectiveness of local government, improved economic development and minimized conflict.