Spatial Variation of Reasons of Spread of the Corona Pandemic among Babylon’s Residents in 2020


  • Sahar Abdulhadi Hussein Al-Sharifi
  • Khalid Mahdi Khudhair Obeis


Spatial variance, virus, pandemic, corona virus, COVID-19, population, statistical analysis


The Corona pandemic is a global pandemic that was not limited to a specific geographical area, but it included the whole world due to the nature of the virus in terms of the great speed of spread and the invisible method of spread. The present study sheds light on the reasons behind the spread of the virus in the province through distributing (1531) questionnaire forms in the districts of the study area for urban and rural places as shown in (Appendix 1) and Table (1) according to families. The questionnaire is divided into two parts; one is for those infected and the other part is for those who are not infected with the Corona virus. The questionnaire contains axes including the axis of personal or demographic information And the focus of the reasons of the spread of the Corona virus. These reasons were statistically analyzed using the (SPSS) program and the relationship between demographic variables and the spread of the Corona virus. The present study found that the residence, geographical location, and job are among the most variables affecting the spread of the virus, in addition to some other variables that have an effect, but to varying degrees.