Spatial Distribution of Industrial Facilities and their Branches in Al-Qassim City


  • Mahmoud Mohammad Hassan Al-Shammary
  • Azhar Muhammad Hilal Salman Al-Amri


Spatial Distribution, Al-Qassim city, Industrial Facilities, Industrial Services


Industrial job is basically an urban job that requires a set of requirements for its establishment and success. It needs elements that are available in a non-urban environment, the most important of which are broad markets, labor force, infrastructure services, communications, financial services, and insurance companies. The importance of Al-Qassim city is that it is religiously significant. It contains the shrine of Imam al-Qassim, son of Imam al-Kadhim (peace be upon them), which gave this city great religious importance. The present study found several important matters, including that the distribution of industries in Al-Qassim city is unbalanced, most industries are consent percentage in the industrial zone, lack of interest in industrial services in the industrial district of Al-Qassim city, lack of interest in infrastructure services and the establishment of communication network, the provision of energy and water, as well as lack of interest in transportation. It is also notice that Al-Qassim city lacks large industries, which are necessary at the present time and evidence of the strength of the region on which they are based. It is necessary to pay attention to this vital sector because Al-Qassim city is considered a linking city between Babylon and Al-Diwaniyah. Large industrial facilities should be established in the city as this is evidence of the strength of the region in terms of industry and giving it a major center in industrial activity.