The Spatial Analysis of the Participation Rate of the 2021 Elections at Babylon Governorate


  • Zaid A. H. Al-khafaji
  • Rasha Mahdi Saleh Al Bayati


Geographical data analysis. Natural and human, Electoral participation, Electoral district


The study dealt with the four electoral districts of Babylon Governorate, which was concerned with the spatial distribution of electoral participation in Babylon Governorate in the 10/10/2021 elections. Babylon Governorate, i. e. 59.5% of the voters did not vote in the elections for the year 2021, and the participation rates in the electoral districts also varied, as the highest percentage was in the third district at 45.1% of the total voters, while the participation rate in the first district was 40.6%, the second district was 38.3% and the fourth 38.3% of all voters.