Analyzing Commodity Structure of Iraqi Non-Oil Imports with Qatar 2003-2021


  • Ahmed Yahya Anouz
  • Ammar Nahi Athab Salah


Commodity structure, imports, capital goods, intermediate goods, consumer goods


Many economic studies have shown that the variables of the structure of external trade (imports) have an influence on the gross domestic product and motivate the economic growth of a country, especially the trade of industrial goods because it contributes to the production of added value that is important for developed and developing countries, which benefit from it in the process of economic development. The present study aims to identify the components of commodity structure of external trade and clarify their influence on the gross domestic product for a time series. In order to obtain the objectives of the present study, the hypothesis was based on the fact that the components of commodity structure of imports to Qatar have a clear influence on the gross domestic product. To prove this hypothesis, the present study was conducted using the quantitative approach, by identifying the features of the development of the Qatari economy, classifying commodity structure of external trade, analyzing trends of the development of Qatari external trade for the period 2003-2021, and analyzing trends of development of the components of commodity structure of Qatari imports. The present study concludes that intermediate and consumer goods are the most important items in the commodity structure of Qatari imports during the study period.