The Quality of the External Audit and its Impact on Financial Performance: An Exploratory Study of a Sample of the Opinions of Auditors in the Private Sector


  • Dheyaa Zamil Khudhair
  • Ali Jabbar Abed


Quality of external audit, financial performance.


The aim of the research is to identify the extent of the impact of the quality determinants of external auditing on financial performance, and to identify the extent to which auditors are aware of the determinants of audit quality, by analyzing the determinants of external audit quality on financial performance represented by (scientific qualification and experience, office size, audit fees). In order to achieve these goals, a questionnaire was designed consisting of two sections and two lists prepared for this purpose, and distributed to audit offices and on a final approved sample for research and analysis purposes from 34 external auditors practicing the profession in some selected governorates of Iraq, after using appropriate statistical methods and data analysis in the program.(SPSS.v.25) The hypotheses were tested, and the research concluded that there is an impact of the quality of external auditing on financial performance, and the research concluded with several recommendations, including that the external audit offices should involve their elements and urge them to obtain local and international professional certificates within the field of competence, because of its impact To raise the efficiency of the quality of audit work, and to give the beneficiaries of the final report sufficient confidence in the auditors’ reports.