Spiritual Leadership and Its Impact on Job Stability by Mediating Organizational Justice: An Analytical Study of Opinions of a Sample of Teaching Staff in Iraqi Private Universities in the Middle Euphrates Provinces


  • Basim Abbas Kraidy Jassmy
  • Sakina Karim Mahdi


Spiritual leadership, functional stability, organizational justice


The purpose of the current research is to determine the impact of spiritual leadership on job stability by mediating organizational justice through the opinions of a sample of the teaching staff in the universities and private colleges of the central Euphrates governorates (Karbala, Babylon, Najaf, Samawah and Diwaniyah). The study data were collected from (20) universities and private faculty from the central Euphrates governorates through the resolution model, and the distribution of the resolution form among a sample of the department heads and the two studies reached the number of forms retrieved (389).  The researcher's findings are based on some statistical programs such as SPSS VR. 24) and program (AMOS VR. 24).  In addition, the researcher applied the System of structural Equations (SEM) method by using his authoritative factorial analysis to determine the extent to which the paragraphs developed were shared in the interpretation of their points.   The findings of this study found that spiritual leadership has a positive impact on job stability through the mediation of organizational equity.  The current study therefore recommends that spiritual leadership should be given attention because it plays a role in promoting career stability through organizational equity.