Agile Leadership and Its Impact on Organizational Innovation by Mediating High Involvement


  • Basim Abbas Kraidy Jassmy
  • Enas Abdul Hussein Katea


Agile leadership, High Involvement, Organizational Innovation


This study aims to demonstrate the impact of agile leadership in achieving organizational innovation through the intermediary role of higher Involvement, through the opinions of a sample of teachers at Iraqi universities and colleges private in the Governorates of the Middle Euphrates.  Accordingly, the current study model consists of three main aspects, the first of which represents the agile leadership variable and its dimensions (modesty, calm, wisdom, patience, objectivity, and Confidence).  The second represents the intermediate variable, which is high involvement (participation in decision-making, information sharing, reward-based performance, training).  The third is the adopted variable, organizational innovation, with its dimensions (administrative innovation, process innovation).  The study data were collected from (20) (universities and private colleges in the Middle Euphrates governorates) through the measurement tool (resolution) and according to the prepared and air-conditioned standards, the number of distributed forms (445) while the number of retrieved forms (397), (375) are valid for statistical analysis and (22) Invalid resolution for Statistical Analysis.  Using statistical methods, factor Analysis, descriptive statistical analysis, structured equation modeling, using statistical programs such as (AMOS.v.24), (SPSS v 24), and tables and Data Wizard (Excel).  The results found that agile leadership has a positive impact on organizational innovation through high Involvement. This supports the statistical formulation of the study's hypotheses, and the current study recommends the necessity of strengthening universities and private colleges, sample studies, their interest in agile leadership, as they have a great positive contribution to organizational innovation and by focusing on high Involvement. It provides an in-depth study of how agile leadership affects organizational innovation.