Foundations and Dimensions of Sustainable Development in Saudi Arabia for 2030


  • Ammar Saadoon Albadry
  • Faten Mohammed Oraibi


Foundations, Dimensions, Sustainable Development, Saudi Arabia,2030


The creation of successful policies in the development process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone through multiple stages according to well deliberated plansĀ  in a parallel direction among all targeted areas, therefore, this study aims to verify the hypothesis that the development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was not a sudden transition, rather, it is an extension of previous plans that were drawn up and developed with time and era variables, in a matter of fact it is a result of many comprehensive and continuous strategies, hence this study will use the historical method to present the historical process of development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the descriptive analytical method to study the results of those (nine) five-year development plans, inclusive of the economic and social reforms they achieved at that time (i.e. before 2015), These plans by their cumulative nature, have assisted to provide the necessary and basic capabilities along with programmatic and institutional elements for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which qualifies it to adopt more comprehensive and broad-based strategic plans targeting all aspects of life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.