Analyzing online public opinion effect on public policy


  • Haisheng Hu


Online Public Opinion (OPO), occurrence stage (OS), Spreading stage (SS), Integration stage (IS), Public policy (PP), Public identification (PI), policy Formation (PF), Policy adaptation (PA), policy Implementation (PII), Policy Evaluation (PE)


The basic purpose of research study measures the analysis in between online public opinion and its effect on public policy. This research study based on primary data analysis this research conducted in china for determine the research develop some questions related to the variable included open ended andclosed-endedd questions. These data fulfil from different participants those person who have knowledge about policy roles and regulations, public opinion etc. these people are consider as research participants. For measuring the research study used smart PLS software and generate informative results included composite reliability, discriminant validity, R square, significant analysis, the indicator correlations, also represent the total effects and smart PLS algorithm model in between them. The online public opinion is main independent variable the occurrence stage, spreading stage and integration stage these are process of online public opinion and consider as sub variables of research. The public policy is main dependent its included policy identification, policy formation, policy adaptations, policy implementation and policy evaluation these are sub parts of public policy. According to the overall research study the result founded that there are positive effect in between online public opinion and public policy. The overall research founded significant and direct relation in between online public opinion and public policy.