Education in hindu theology perspective


  • I Ketut Donder


education, Hindu, theology.


True education should make the students become the actual people. The actual people can reach their inner beauty, making them feel like they are standing inside the beautiful garden of humanity. If we agree that humans are the perfect being, then educators should attempt to establish true education as something very significant to future generations. True education is related to the human need, as mentioned in the Manava Dharmasastra scriptV.109, that: “physical body is purified by water; mind is purified by the truth; the True-Self is purified by knowledge, self-control, and spiritual disciplines; and then the intellect is purified by true knowledge” (Pudja & Sudartha, 2004). If one of them cannot meet its needs, the others will be upset. This study was conducted in the form of qualitative study, collecting data solely through words and employing qualitative analytic method.