Authentic-based multimedia as determinant of learning success among accounting education students in tertiary institutions in southwest nigeria


  • Olusola-Fadumiye Titilope Olufunke
  • Jamalludin B Harun
  • Megat Aman Zahiri bin Megat Zakaria


Student Engagement; Authentic-based multimedia learning; Student performance.


The rising worldwide technology advancement appears to be stimulating the requirement for university education to create good graduate students for emerging countries to cope with global shifts in the learning environment. Furthermore, since student performance in accounting has remained substandard, high dropout rates and low engagement are ascribed to deficient teaching methods among students, leading in weak thinking reasoning. Likewise, in order to increase students' inventive thinking, engaging technology in educational institutions is demanded, specifically in the disciplines of science and vocational courses. As a result, the purpose of this article is to fill this need by researching an authentic-based multimedia learning environment to promote student engagement in the teaching of accounting education in Nigerian higher education institutions. A sample size of 90 respondents was selected from a total population of 120 undergraduate accounting students for this study. Questionnaire surveys and semi structured interviews with open-ended questions were used to collect data. The findings of the study have relevance for instructors and administrators who want to promote student engagement in multimedia learning environments in their classes. Future research may focus on the challenges in implementing authentic-based multimedia learning by engaging the students. As a conclusion, this article estimates that the federal government, higher education administrators, curriculum designers, and accounting instructors work together to improve student engagement in Nigeria's multimedia learning environment.