Development and Implementation of Personal Hygiene Information Design for Culinary Vocational Learning


  • Yeni Yulianti
  • Annis Kandriasari
  • Yati Setiati


Personal Hygiene, Information Design, Vocational Learning, Cullinary


This research aims to developing information design through visual media (poster and pocket book) on personal hygiene, determine the feasibility visual media and analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of personal hygiene information design in culinary vocational. The research subjects were students of Cullinary-FT-UNJ. The study method used Research and Development (RnD) by Dick and Carey’s model development. Analysis data used two ways, qualitative and quantitative with experimental designs. The study result revealed that poster media feasible to be developed and the average level of feasibility obtained 94.6% of media experts judgment, 87.5% of material expert judgment, and 97.22% of linguists expert judgment for the very feasible category. Feasibility judgment on the pocket book media obtained an average score 89.71% of media expert's judgment, 82.64% of the material expert judgment, and 96.87% of the linguist expert judgment in the very feasible category. The effectiveness of visual media average on 3.5 indicates that personal hygiene learning with information design was effective. Implementation appropriate information design, it can increase student knowledge about personal hygiene.