The Challenges of Green Management Implementation in Primary Schools: A Case Study in Kluang District, Johor


  • Lai Chee Sern
  • Badaruddin Ibrahim
  • D’oria Islamiah Rosli
  • Mimi Mohaffyza Mohamad
  • Nurul Hidayah Liew Abdullah
  • Shahat Md Shah


green management, primary school, challenges, case study


As part of effort to fight against environmental issues, many educational institutions, including primary schools, start to practice green management in the aspects of administration, teaching and learning, and co-curricular activities. However, the implementation of green management at schools is full of challenges. Therefore, this research was conducted to find out the challenges faced by the primary schools in the implementation of green management. A total of five schools in Kluang district that practice green management were selected and the teachers who were involved in green management in the selected schools were interviewed. The interview data were analysed using open coding technique. The findings from the interview indicated that, in general, the challenges faced by schools in the green management implementation can be classified into five main aspects, namely insufficient awareness among pupils, lack of facility, inadequate financial resource, inadequate human resource, and increasing workloads. In addition, there are several suggestions proposed for improvement in green management implementation in order to increase its efficiency, such as environmental friendly building design, seek support from outsiders, promotion of green management, and policy formulation.