The contents of the editorial in the daily Palestinian newspapers


  • Anas I. f. Alyazouri
  • Dr. Wesam A.m Almahallawi
  • Dr. Sofia Hayati Binti Yusoff


Newspaper article, Press contents, Palestinian press, Editorial, Al-Quds newspaper


The study aimed to identify the contents of the editorial in Al-Quds Palestinian newspaper by analyzing its contents in order to identify its issues and topics and their geographical origin, its language, writing style, persuasive methods used, and the extent of its adherence to the technical characteristics. The study is a descriptive research, where the researcher followed the survey studies approach and through it, the content analysis method. The researcher prepared a content analysis form as an instrument of the study.The researcher chose the editorials in Al-Quds newspaper during the period from January 1st 2020 to January 1st 2021. The editorials were randomly selected using the “industrial week” method where the sample of the study was 47 editorials. The study was concluded with a set of results. Foremost, political issues ranked first in editorial with a percentage of 73.61%.  Then, military issues with 9.45% followed by social issues with 7.54%. Regarding political issues, the issues of settlement and the annexation plan ranked first with a percentage of 15.09% and the national geographic scope of the issues of the editorial article ranked first with a percentage of 65.22%. The "positive trend" of the editorial article towards the issue it handles ranked first with a percentage of 53.20%. The writing methods of the editorial article varied where the “discussion” method ranked first with a percentage of 31.91% and logical persuasion methods ranked first with a percentage of 61.90%.