An Empirical Study on the Cross Border Framework on Shopping Behavior Pattern of Consumer Goods


  • Olue, Apiriye Magdalene
  • Abdul Rahman bin S Senathirajah
  • Syriac Nellikunel Devasia


Shopping behavior, Consumer goods, mixed methodology


This study proposes a cross-border framework for consumer goods and shopping behavior patterns, focusing on African consumers in Malaysia. A mixed methodology was adopted in this investigation. A cross-sectional personal interview was conducted. Most of all replies came from one of the following seven (7) African nations: Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, Malawi, Sudan, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. The researcher used statistical techniques to extrapolate findings from the instrument used. The study found that established brands, quality, price, product information, and informational influence from significant others such as friends, spouses, and family members influenced buying decisions. In particular, factors that influenced consumers repurchase intentions were influential for high-involvement products.