An Appraisal Of The Nature Of Cybercrimes


  • Ulisan Mogbitse Ogisi Ph.D
  • Peter Ikechukwu Gasiokwu Ph.D
  • Solomon Chiamaka Ajede LL.M


Cybercrimes, offences, computer, online, Nigeria.


Cybercrime is a type of internet-related crime that has emerged in cyberspace. The typical crimes and problems of poverty, war, corruption, tourism, and the like seem to have rendered the majority of governments ineffective. Cybercrime has become an uncontrollable monster due to the criminal justice system's lack of awareness in both legal and technical matters. What   qualifies as cybercrime has grown to be a contentious issue among scholars. The central idea that a computer serves as the main means of committing the crime has not been met with widespread acceptance.  We have no choice but to strengthen the approach, knowledge, law, and resources to bring cyber crime under control in order to preserve our economic well-being, personal safety, political stability, and the survival of the nation as a whole. This is due to the general trend, impact, and dimension of cyber crime in law.